Assistance Service

FERRARI & CARENA has highly qualified technical personnel who intervene for extraordinary maintenance assistance for plastic injection molding machines.

This is a choice of the company to provide a fully comprehensive service to the customer, from the specific mechanical spare part to a wider functional consultancy.

Assistance and consultancy activities can be easily requested and it is our prerogative to solve the Customer's problems and doing it quickly and promptly.
In fact, a problem with an industrial machinery requires not only greater skills but also greater speed of intervention.



The company, with its PLAST section, is specialized in interventions concerning plastic injection molding machines, such as Sandretto presses or specific machinery components.

In terms of Assistance, the main activities are the following:

  • Detailed preventive and inspection analysis and verification on the basis of the reported problems
  • Dismantling of each part of the presses
  • Accurate analysis of every mechanical detail
  • High precision mechanical intervention
  • Analysis of any oil dynamic and electrical failures and their elimination
  • Accurate reassembly
  • Functional tests