About Us

Giuseppe Ferrari and Antonio Carena founded FERRARI & CARENA in May 1950 in a context of strong industrial growth, in which the demand of the Turin industries was increasingly high and the offer was not able to satisfy it fully.

The company has a specific purpose: to respond adequately to the needs of the market for large mechanical products, including spare parts for injection molding machines, machine tools and various types of equipment.

From this premise, FERRARI & CARENA CARENA has developed over the years investing in new technologies constantly and acting as a reliable and fast partner for its customers, especially in the construction of mechanical spare parts for injection molding machines.

Specialization: PLAST Section

FERRARI & CARENA carries out a series of activities, in the industrial field, one of which represents a particular specialization of the company: the PLAST section.
This division deals with the design and manufacture of mechanical parts, also having a large spare parts warehouse for injection molding machines of plastic material, with specific reference to Sandretto Presses.

Partnerships with loyal companies allow you to optimize processes and above all speed them up. FERRARI & CARENA provides a product of excellent quality with very short delivery times to date.

The PLAST section represents a central part of the company and associates the important basic infrastructure, such as the injection press spare parts warehouse for important brands such as Sandretto presses, with the presence of competent and expert technicians in presses field.